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The Warriors, #BbqBecky, #JoggerJoe , & the Town.

donation drive homeless

                                                                July 13th 1:00-4:00 pm

Oakland has made international news quite a bit in the last few months. Unity swept in with the Warriors season. Fans share camaraderie  as one team, gold and blue. Regardless of physical markers like race, affluence or power ,we all scream for the same team. But once the parade is over, the jersey off and all have returned back to our individual ways of life,  it seems that bias and bigotry ensue and situations like #BbqBecky and #JoggerJoe divide communities further apart.

The housing market crash , which is now being called the ‘homeless crisis’ has earned Oakland a visit from the  United Nations Special Rapporteur on Adequate Housing Leilani Farha who was quoted as saying “I find there to be a real cruelty in how people are being dealt with here,” But it has also earned us #JoggerJoe – an enraged white man who was filmed attacking and humiliating a homeless Black man by throwing his belongings in Lake Merritt, then destroying the cell phone of a witness. This makes clear exactly why POC feel  pushed out , excluded and victimized.



When a white woman #BBQBecky harassed , intimidated and called the police, unnecessarily on a Black family for using coal at a Lake Merritt Cookout – It triggered a collective anger ,because of the current and historical violence and murder inflicted on POC , LGBT, and disabled communities by police. People are now aware of the weaponizing of police.

Both videos went viral and the outcry of support for the victims worldwide was so great , it helped authorities and corporations  identify this behavior as problematic and dangerous to our entire society. Arrests were made as a result .

These two events signify a need for residents to provide consistent and ongoing support to our own homeless marginalized neighbors ,

And a need for radical reconciliation of oppressive behaviors inflicted by those with power .


What if we operated more like a team, regardless of the sports season?

For the last 2 years, a ‘team’ of Oaklanders, new and native have provided ongoing support through benefit concerts, volunteering , raising funds and donating 100% to homeless,youth,elderly, disabled, and immigrant neighbors. We raise awareness to make space for those in need, to remain  with dignity in Oakland. Join the team.

Our Motto ” You can go fast alone, or far together” -African Proverb



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