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Earth Day Hike Bike &Stroll

On April 22  we hosted Hikes Bikes and Strolls in Joaquin Miller Park and Lake Merritt.


The goal was to connect with neighbors in a healthy fun activity that could include everyone.

Some of us have disabilities that restrict our participation, but that did not stand in our way. Our friends in wheel chairs were given rides and assisted so they could participate in the stroll, a new mommy with a set of twins was happy that there was an activity for her. And those active hikers and bicyclists had a ball tracking through new territory!

On one of the hikes a 7 year old led the way dialing in “passcodes” to the trees to “alert the fairies of our presence for protection.” We discovered Oakland’s own pyramid… and plants that can be used as soap.Who knew?


Great day exploring and celebrating the Earths bountiful gifts.

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Demonstrating love

Activism is hard , but being marginalized is harder.

We have all witnessed the depressed encampments throughout Oakland. No one knows what to do about it.  No one has a solution for the housing crisis, the job market or the discrepancy in wealth for the %1 and  %99.

We decided to focus on what could be done. We could show our  community how much we care by cooking the people in homeless encampments a warm breakfast.

We partnered with Kenny’s Heart and Soul food, truck.  Our “demonstration” of inclusion and love just so happened to fall on Easter Sunday. And unfortunately on Kenny’s only off day in months.

He donated his kitchen, his expertise and his time at 6 am. The volunteers showed up, some armed in their own aprons and we were off to a great start.We made pancakes (the first batch was hilarious) and sausage , loaded the truck and visited all of the encampments on the West side/downtown.

There were no speeches, and no introductions to our cause, No selfies etc. We were met by the community with appreciation and some with shame. I wished they understood that  we share in the shame of their positions, partially benefiting from an unfair society.We felt deeply humbled by the experience and fortunate to be the ones in the position to give and also happy to do so.

Giving is but one part of receiving.

-Spirit of Oakland

Dalila Dynes


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Supporting Trans Youth

Nicole Whisler organized an amazing group of local Artists for ” Soft Fade” A benefit event for hairstylists, barbers, and photographers to bring their gear to New Parish, cut some hair take some portraits. Partying, celebrating individuality and raising funds for Trans youth organizations. Translifeline and The Time Is Now/

What a great way to spend an afternoon. Definitely the Spirit of Oakland

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Oakland artists give back monthly

Join us this month as singer songwriter Astu and the Hallelujahs and hip hop artist Spider share songs from their latest projects to benefit the 24 Hour Oakland Parent Teacher Emergency Shelter Program


Every month we invite artists to perform and showcase their work , connect with their fan base , and be filmed and aired on FM radio or live at venues around Oakland.