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Earth Day Hike Bike &Stroll

On April 22  we hosted Hikes Bikes and Strolls in Joaquin Miller Park and Lake Merritt.


The goal was to connect with neighbors in a healthy fun activity that could include everyone.

Some of us have disabilities that restrict our participation, but that did not stand in our way. Our friends in wheel chairs were given rides and assisted so they could participate in the stroll, a new mommy with a set of twins was happy that there was an activity for her. And those active hikers and bicyclists had a ball tracking through new territory!

On one of the hikes a 7 year old led the way dialing in “passcodes” to the trees to “alert the fairies of our presence for protection.” We discovered Oakland’s own pyramid… and plants that can be used as soap.Who knew?


Great day exploring and celebrating the Earths bountiful gifts.